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In case you missed it, here is the link to the Rowing Chat with Rowperfect. Also available for free on iTunes and Soundcloud. These are really great resources for coaches and rowers. There are 30+ more episodes with other rowing coaches, rowers, and experts in the field, all available for free on iTunes, youtube, and Soundcloud.

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1:50–About “Rowing Stronger”

2:45–What should a coach do before introducing strength training?

3:50–Should you test 1 rep maxes before each season?

5:50–Is the off-season the time to focus on dramatic 1RM increases?

7:50–The limitations of weight training for rowing

8:50–Importance of technique and strength training for rowing

10:00–Benefits of working with a strength coach

11:00–How can a rowing coach apply lessons learned in the gym to the water?

12:55–3 best rowing specific strength exercises

See: The Exercise Index and 5 Lifts to Make You a Better Rower

14:20–How often per week should rowers lift?

See: Periodization Infographic

14:55–Different types of training splits and their advantages

See: Effective Circuit Training for Team Sports

15:50–Should you train high reps or low reps for rowing?

See: Basics of Strength Training for Rowing

17:15–Improving hip mobility for rowing

See: The Mobility for Rowers series

18:30–Should postural imbalances be corrected before doing any lifting?

20:10–Anterior Pelvic Tilt and rowing, how to fix it and how to work around it

See: Hip Flexor Mobility for info about Anterior Pelvic Tilt

22:25–Free weights vs. machines

23:10–Strength training post-surgery

25:00–Weights for juniors/youths

See: Youth Training

28:15–Weights for teenage girls

29:30–Should you limit weights for juniors to certain numbers?Rowing Stronger RP COVER

30:50–Injury risk of higher rep lifting

31:50–Specific advice for older masters/veteran lifters

37:15–Specific advice for women, and women over 50 in particular

38:55–Injury risk for masters rowers

41:10–Discussion of the different chapters of “Rowing Stronger”

See: Free Preview/First Chapter of “Rowing Stronger”

43:10–What is “periodization” and how does the block periodization system work?

See: Basics of Strength Training for Rowing

46:25–If you had a magic wand to change one thing in the sport, what would you change?

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