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Article TitleSummaryKeywordsOriginally Posted
Rowing Low Back Pain GuidePractical guide to what rowers and coaches need to know about rowing low back pain, focusing on preventing, managing, and returning from injury to full performance.low back pain, LBP05/29/2024
Rowing Rib Stress Injury GuidePractical guide to what rowers and coaches need to know about rowing rib stress injuries, focusing on preventing, managing, and returning from injury to full performance.rib stress injury, RSI05/29/2024
Rowing Injuries: Understanding, Preventing, and ManagingDetailed general overview of rowing injury management across all injuries.injury, low back pain, LBP, rib stress injury, RSI05/20/2024
Modern Rowing Strength Training Key ConceptsFour key concepts to understanding why strength training is different now than before the 1980s and 1990s, and updating our methods for the modern era.program, principles02/24/2024
Five-Year Book Update (PDF)What's different in my coaching in 2024 vs. 2019? A 40-page supplemental PDF, half text and half programs.book, update02/06/2024
Gaining Muscle, Losing Bodyfat, and Rowing TrainingHow to align strength training and rowing training to support goals in changing body composition.gain muscle, lose bodyfat, bulk, cut11/27/2023
Rowing Strength Training Program PrioritiesFive priorities in exercise selection, strength training performance, and program design for rowers of all ages, types, and levels.program, principles02/12/2023
How to Start Strength Training for Rowing
Start strength training with the 30-30-for-30 system, includes sample workouts.start, begin, novice11/28/2022
Why I Love the Bodyweight Row for Rowers
Pros and cons of horizontal pulling exercises, technique, exercise variations (demos), and programming methods.bodyweight row, exercise05/07/2022
Scheduling Strength Training with RowingHow to schedule strength training with rowing on a seasonal, weekly, and daily basis.schedule, scheduling3/24/2022
Rowing LTAD: Long-Term Athlete DevelopmentStrength training for long-term athlete development in rowers from youth to high-performance to masters.youth, LTAD02/25/2022
The Nordic Hamstring Curl Exercise for RowersHow to do this challenging posterior chain exercise and use it in your rowing strength training.Nordic, NHC, hamstring, glute10/18/2021
Muscle Soreness and RowingWhat is muscle soreness, how does it affect rowing, and what should we do about it?sore, soreness, DOMS09/20/2021
All About Rowing Power TestingHow to do power testing on the erg and interpret your results to inform training.power, test, erg04/26/2021
Rowing Physical Therapists for Rowing InjuriesWhy you should see a physical therapist who knows about rowing, and my go-to contacts.injury, injuries, physical therapy, physical therapist, PT03/22/2021
Strength Training for ScullingMostly the same, but with some differences! Includes videos and a webinar I did for the Craftsbury Sculling Center in 2020.sculling, webinar08/17/2020
Using Sleds for Rowing Strength TrainingGuest post by Alex Walters with a creative do-it-yourself approach to strength training.sled, DIY, guest07/27/2020
Plyometrics: Complete GuideVariations of plyometric exercises and how to use them in your rowing strength trainingplyo, plyometric, jump, throw, power, guide06/01/2020
NSCA Coach TrilogyHow you can get my three-part series that I co-wrote for the NSCA Coach digital magazine.NSCA, injury, injuries, program, programming, conditioning05/26/2020
Rowing Return-to-Train ConsiderationsHow to return to training after time away due to vacation, injury, etc. Includes two webinars from 2020 & 2021.return to train, covid19, webinar05/11/2020
RowingStronger on the USRowing WebinarsCompilation post of all the webinars and virtual events I've done for USRowing since April of 2020.usrowing, webinar04/06/2020
Percent 1RM vs. RPE Strength TrainingPros, cons, and methods of using percent-1RM and Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) strength training.percent, 1RM, RPE03/02/2020
Is a 2k Aerobic or Anaerobic?Research breakdown and takeaways for aerobic and anaerobic energy system use in a 2km.aerobic, anaerobic, 2km02/10/2020
Strength Training for Rowing TechniqueHow strength training can improve rowing technique, including a webinar from Joy of Sculling 2019.technique, webinar01/26/2020
In-Season Strength TrainingHow to manage in-season rowing strength training to maintain strength and taper for peak performance.program, programming, in-season, taper, peak09/02/2019
Concurrent Training Interference Effect in RowingWhat the interference effect is, and how we should consider it in our rowing training.interference, concurrent, programming07/29/2019
The Minimum Rowing Strength Training PlanDon't have time or equipment for a full strength training program? Here's my minimalist starting point.minimum, minimalist, programming07/15/2019
Why I Don’t Use Olympic Lifts for Rowing TrainingWhy I don't use Olympic lifts, and what lifts I like to use instead.Olympic, clean, snatch, jerk06/10/2019
Upper Body: Complete GuideHow to train the upper body pushing, pulling, and other movements for rowing performance and reducing injuries.upper body, guide05/13/2019
Kettlebells for Rowing Strength TrainingHow to use kettlebells in your rowing strength training, featuring Chelsea Pereira (IKFF)kettlebell, guest04/26/2019
Is Hamstring Flexibility for Rowers Overrated?A research review of a hamstring study in rowers, and what it means for your training.hamstring, stretch, flexibility, injury, injuries01/28/2019
Resistance Band Rowing Strength TrainingHow to use resistance bands in your rowing strength training, including many video demos.band, resistance band01/21/2019
Deadlifting: Complete GuideAll about the deadlift: what variations to use, programming for different phases, FAQs, and more.deadlift, hinge, guide01/07/2019
Squatting: Complete GuideAll about the squat: what variations to use, programming for different phases, FAQs, and more.squat, guide12/31/2018
How to Track Your Rowing WorkoutsHow to record your training sessions for more efficient training, better motivation, and long-term progress.record, notebook, log12/17/2018
Testing 1-Rep Maxes and Strength Standards for RowingWhy you should or shouldn't test 1RMs and how that information does or doesn't inform our rowing training.1RM, test, standards10/15/2018
The Kiwi Pair Doesn’t Lift?It turns out there's little truth to this meme. Hear it straight from Eric Murray.10/01/2018
Low Back Pain and Rib Stress InjuriesInfo on these two major rowing injuries, advice for how to reduce risk and manage injury, plus webinar from Joy of Sculling 2019.injury, back, rib, LBP, RSI, webinar09/10/2018
Strength Training CircuitsHow to improve strength training circuit training, with sample circuits and more.circuit, program, programming06/12/2018
3 Steps to Coaching Mental SkillsGuest article by Madison Keaty (MS) with three ways to teach mental skills in rowing.psych, psychology, mental, MST, guest04/02/2018
5 Keys to Strength Training for RowingSummarizing research on concurrent training with 5 keys to strength training.concurrent, interference, program, programming03/12/2018
The Neutral Spine Rowing DrillA drill I quite like for combining hip hinge and shoulder coordination skills on the erg.drill, technique, back, shoulder, hip03/05/2018
Periodization for Masters RowersOne year breakdown of strength training programming design for masters rowers.master, program, programming02/19/2018
Fall Season Strength TrainingBreaking down the Specific Prep Block of building strength with longer duration rowing training.fall, program, programming10/11/2017
Why Strength Matters in RowingShort research review: increase strength, decrease effort, improve endurance.program, programming07/24/2017
A Better Deload Week for RowingRest is part of the program. Why and how to include "deloads" in your training program.program, programming, deload, recovery07/03/2017
Rowing Warmup: Complete GuideThe first 15 mins of your session, including video demos.warmup, warm-up, guide04/02/2017
Building a Home GymMy recommended equipment list for the rowing home gym.home, home-gym, homegym, equipment03/27/2017
Why I Hate the Bench PullThe one lift I WON'T use in my strength training for rowers, and what I use instead.bench pull, bench row, back, injury, injuries03/17/2017
The 10 Best Strength Training ExercisesIf I could only do 10 exercises, this would be it. With videos and more.program, programming12/19/2016
A Coach’s Guide to InclusivityBlog version of a grad school paper I wrote, doing a project with Seize the Oar in Seattle, WA.inclusive, disability, para08/22/2016
Mastering the Hip HingeHow to perform, improve, and train this crucial skill for rowers.hip, back, deadlift, hinge08/01/2016
Fixing Rowing ImbalancesHow to ue the off-season to work towards muscular balance: push/pull, front/back, side/side, and more.imbalance, injury, injuries, program, programming07/11/2016
Off-Season Strength TrainingHow to make the most of your non-rowing off-season time for long-term progress and success. Includes free programs.program, programming, off-season06/20/2016
Staying Summer Fit for RowingHow to maintain when you're away from the erg, boathouse, and/or weights for a while.summer, vacation, maintain, program, programming06/13/2016
Athlete Transitioning from SportWhat happens after competitive sport? Research, resources, and more for athletes and coaches.transition, retire, graduate05/23/2016
Core Training for RowingHow to train the trunk muscles for rowing performance and reducing injury risk.core, trunk, program, programming05/02/2016
Mental Skills for Rowing: Part 3Part 3: Arousal management, injuries, and putting it all together in a plan.psych, psychology, mental, MST04/11/2016
Mental Skills for Rowing: Part 2Part 2: Visualization, imagery, and routines.psych, psychology, mental, MST03/28/2016
Mental Skills for Rowing: Part 1Part 1: Overview, goals, relaxation, reframing and self-talk.psych, psychology, mental, MST03/21/2016
Strength Training for Masters RowersExercise selection and example programs for masters rowers.master, program, programming03/14/2016
Stay Positive to Beat the Injury BluesPositive thinking to get through injuries, for coaches and athletes.injury, injuries, psych02/29/2016
Injury Prevention: Snapping Hip SyndromeUnderstanding, preventing, and solving this rowing injury.injury, injuries, hip02/08/2016
Overtraining, Part 2Part 2: Considerations and potential solutions for coaches and rowers.injury, injuries, overtraining12/07/2015
Overcoming Erg FearConfronting a common problem in rowing culture, with potential solutions from sport psych and mental skills.psych, psychology, mental, MST11/30/2015
All About Overtraining: Part 1Part 1: The basics, what it is, and what it isn't.injury, injuries, overtraining11/16/2015
Rowing Faster After 50Introduction to strength training for masters rowers.master, program, programming11/09/2015
Lifting for “Retired” AthletesHow to keep strength training beyond competitive sport.transition, retire, graduate, program, programming11/02/2015
Ankle MobilitySimple strength training and mobility solutions for the ankle.ankle, mobility, flexibility09/28/2015
Glute MobilitySimple strength training and mobility solutions for the glutes.glute, mobility, flexibility09/21/2015
Hip Flexor MobilitySimple strength training and mobility solutions for the hip flexors.hip, hip flexor, mobility, flexibility09/14/2015
Thoracic Spine MobilityOverview of flexibility, mobility, and strength, and solutions for the mid-back area.t-spine, thoracic, back, mobility, flexibility09/07/2015
Peak Power TrainingWhy training for power should be a higher priority, and how to do it with strength training.power, winter, program, programming08/24/2015
Youth Strength TrainingResearch, my experience training young athletes, suggested strength training methods.youth, program, programming08/02/2015
Basics of Strength Training for RowingHow to design an annual strength training program to support rowing training and improve performance.program, programming, periodization, basic07/17/2015