Podcast: Winning Youth Coaching

A few months ago I wrote an article about my five tips for new coachespodcastcover-1024x1024In tip #3, “You Still Have Practice,” I listed off my go-to resources for authors, speakers, blogs, and podcasts that I follow, and one of those was the Winning Youth Coaching podcast. Host Craig Haworth brings on a different coach for each episode from a variety of different backgrounds, sports, and specialities. I find his questions and his guests to bring a great blend of thoughtful discussion of youth coaching as well as actionable takeaways. After listing this as a resource, Craig contacted me and offered me to come on the show as a guest. So, here we go!


2:15: My background, athletic bio, and how I got into coaching

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Rowing Chat Podcast Recap

Will Ruth

In case you missed it, here is the link to the Rowing Chat with Rowperfect. Also available for free on iTunes and Soundcloud. These are really great resources for coaches and rowers. There are 30+ more episodes with other rowing coaches, rowers, and experts in the field, all available for free on iTunes, youtube, and Soundcloud.

Have more questions for me? Drop a line in the comments and I will respond!

1:50–About “Rowing Stronger”

2:45–What should a coach do before introducing strength training?

3:50–Should you test 1 rep maxes before each season?

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