Thanks for coming to Craftsbury! If you attended one of my instruction sessions, we probably covered some of the following: hip hinge, Y-W-T raise, seated rockback, and full-body warm-up routine (including deep squat progression). Below are videos demonstrating and explaining these concepts that you can use as reminders for your own training. Please feel free to share with others, too, if you like my work and think another rower or coach would find it helpful.

Here is an article that outlines material we covered in the 2023 classroom session: “Rowing Strength Training Program Priorities.” This is based on my strength coaching for the GRP teams and I’d be a happy strength coach if every rower was doing something like this in their strength training!

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Please email me if you have any questions or comments about my work! I’d love to hear from you.

Hip Hinge Technique

Shoulder Movements (including Y-W-T Raise)

The Seated Rockback Core Exercise

Full-Body Warm-Up

My "Strength Training for Scullers" webinar on the Craftsbury 2020 Series