Below is my Youtube channel with brief video examples of each lift and instructional cues. This is not intended to be a replacement for coaching, as individual or small-group instruction is always superior to online or video coaching. If you have already received instruction, this is a good reminder of what each exercise should look like with some helpful cues. These are all of the exercises that I mention in my book and on my website.

You can also access my Index Spreadsheet here. This contains an up-to-date listing of all the exercises in the Index with hyperlinks to the video demonstration, categorized by movement or major muscular area.

Exercise Index

Full-Body Warmup

The beginning of every good training session! Use before strength, erging, rowing, and as a “movement break” throughout the day or while traveling. Read more here.


I’ve done over a dozen webinars and conference speaking events, beginning with Joy of Sculling 2019 and including the 2020 Craftsbury webinar series, USRowing conventions, and more.

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