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My Exercise Guide contains 75+ videos of me demonstrating every exercise in my rowing programs with coaching cues, footage of me coaching rowers, and other instructional videos on strength training for rowing. Check out my playlist of free webinars, too.


I’ve built my website around long-form written articles offering deep dives and takeaways in rowing training and strength training for rowing. You can browse them all here, or start with some of my most popular ones at the links below.

As Seen On…

You may be familiar with my work already from elsewhere: I did the “Strength Coach Roundtable” podcast on Rowing Chat with fellow rowing strength coaches Blake Gourley and Joe DeLeo from 2016-2020. Blake, Joe, and I started “Science of Rowing” in 2020, until I left in 2022 to take on a bigger role at the Craftsbury Sculling Center. I presented at Joy of Sculling 2019, have done several webinars and virtual events for USRowing, and talked about strength training for sculling on the Craftsbury webinar series. I have also written for my alma mater University of Denver’s “Sport Sense” blog and the National Strength and Conditioning Association “NSCA Coach” quarterly magazine.

The “Rowing Stronger” Book

“Rowing Stronger: Strength Training to Maximize Rowing Performance” is the only step-by-step guide to creating a strength training program for rowers of all types, ages, and levels. I published a much-updated second edition in February 2019 with updated content, brand-new chapters, guest chapters from Blake Gourley and Joe DeLeo, sample programs, and more. Read a free preview and reader reviews here and then get it in print or e-book.

The “Complete Guides” Series

In-depth articles with instructional videos, demonstrations, and detailed information on strength training methods for rowers of all types, ages, and levels.

plyometrics for rowers

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