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The Rowing Stronger Mission

RowingStronger.com is the online home of strength training for rowing, helping you row stronger, row faster, row healthier, and row longer. Read this article for the full story of why I’ve created this website and what I hope to achieve with it.


My Exercise Guide contains 75+ videos of me demonstrating every exercise in my rowing programs with coaching cues, footage of me coaching my rowers in the weight-room, and Q&A’s on strength training for rowing. Please feel free to let me know any requests.


In 2016, fellow rowing strength coaches Blake Gourley and Joe Deleo and I started a podcast as a branch of Rowing Chat, The Strength Coach Roundtablewhere we break down and discuss topics in depth based on our research and experiences in strength training for rowing.


The Basics of Strength Training for Rowing: This is the article that started it all as I laid out the annual overview of strength training for rowing. You’ll learn how to adjust programming to achieve the goals of each season, which lifts you should be doing and why, and how to make your strength training complement your rowing training.

Mini e-book, “Quick Guide to Strength Training

Mini e-book, “The 10 Best Strength Training Exercises for Rowing

I wrote “Basics” in 2015 with the spring 2k rower in mind, and came back in 2018 to write “Strength Training for Masters Rowers: Periodization” for masters rowers with more variable competitive schedules. If that’s you, read “Basics” to learn what each block is all about, then check out the masters-specific periodization article to see how it all comes together through an entire year of programming to build to a peak 1k and 5k performance.

Strength Training for Masters Rowers: I was driving home from a US-Rowing coaching clinic listening to Marlene Royle on Rowing Chat and did a double-take when she gave a shout-out to “Will Ruth’s strength training resources.” I got a lot more questions from masters rowers over the next couple weeks and wrote this article to provide some more actionable information.

How to Train Your Rower: A 3-part series with my “cheat sheet” cues for each major barbell lift, how I teach it to my rowers, and a video of me instructing it to my team. The PDF guide below also contains my “Frequently Asked Questions” 3-part series for each of the main lifts as well.

Mini e-book, “How to Train Your Rower

Mobility for Rowers: A four-part series diving into the four main areas of injury and movement restriction that I see in my rowers, and how to fix them with mobility, stretching, and strength training exercises. Make sure to check out the video demonstrations and narrations too!

Mini e-book, “Mobility for Rowers

Overcoming Erg Fear: Another subject I’m passionate about is mental skills training and sport psychology. I wrote this article after seeing my own personal experience as a rower nerve-wracked by erg anxiety played out time and time again in my own athletes and those online, and with how much it was viewed and shared on social media, it clearly struck a chord with other rowers and coaches. I came back and wrote the three-part Mental Skills for Rowing series some months later for more actionable steps for rowers and coxswains to improve their mindset.

Mini e-book, “Mental Skills Training for Rowing

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