I write most of my content as applicable training advice for rowers and rowing coaches. However, I’ve also written about things I’ve learned about coaching in general, and these are the articles you’ll find here.

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Article: 3 Steps to Coaching Mental Skills for Rowing, by Madison Keaty

  • Madison Keaty rowed in high school and at Gonzaga University, attended Ithaca College to get her MS in Sport Psychology where she was also the grad assistant rowing coach, and then returned to Gonzaga as an assistant coach. In this article, she shares her coaching plan for integrating three fundamental mental skills into daily practices.

Article: Rowing Drills Analyzed: Neutral Spine Finish Position

  • Knowing drills is one thing, knowing how and when to use them, and how to make corrections based on information from the drill is another. Check out this article for a detailed 1800-word explanation of how I coach, use, and troubleshoot this common drill for establishing a neutral spine at the finish position of the stroke.

Article: Sport Specialization Is Not the Answer

  • Sport specialization is defined as playing one sport for nine months or more per year, usually at the expense of other opportunities in sport or elsewhere. Read this article for why sport generalization is better in almost every way, and what I do as a coach to encourage athletes to play multiple sports.

Article: 5 Tips for New Coaches

  • 5 things I think I did right in my first few years of coaching

Article: What I Learned at the Joy of Sculling 2018 Conference

  • Notes and recap from the 2018 Joy of Sculling Conference

Article: US Rowing Level 2 Recap

  • Notes and recap from the 2016 US-Rowing Level 2 Certification course

Article: Annual Reviews

  • Annual recap and review of my coaching, writing, podcasting, and learning
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015

Article: Inclusivity in Sport, Part 1 and Part 2

  • My experience working with Seize the Oar Unified Rowing and learning from Sociocultural Aspects of Sport Coaching class.

Article: My Greatest Mistake as a Coach

  • Reflections from my Winning Youth Coaching Podcast appearance, what I’ve learned since then and how I’m resolving to be a better coach.