While the same general training principles apply, adjusting training to your needs as a masters rower is key to long-term performance improvement. Here are the articles that are most relevant to become a faster master!

Article: Excerpt from “Rowing Stronger”

  • The following is an excerpt of the Masters Rowers chapter from my e-book, Rowing Stronger: Strength Training to Maximize Rowing Performance, available now published by Rowperfect. This is the only comprehensive strength training resource just for competitive rowers. Learn basics of strength training programming, how to taper for peak performance on race day, specific injury-prevention exercises for rowers, and how to make boats go fast! This isn’t a “print-and-go” program to be accepted blindly. You’ll learn how to program for yourself and maximize your own training for performance on the water.

Article: Strength Training for Masters Rowers

  • After I got a shout-out from renowned masters coach Marlene Royle on a recent Rowing Chat podcast, I received several questions from masters rowers about specifics of strength training and how to start training if you are 50+ years old and have never really lifted before. Here’s my advice for how to start strength training for a male or female masters rower.