There’s a lot of it, so I’ve broken my strength training content down by lift or area of focus.


  • These articles discuss how we build a training program to match the goals of each season and build to peak performance. Rowing requires many athletic qualities from strength to endurance to power to technical ability, and there has to be a system in place to develop each to its full potential.

Squatting Power

  • The squat is a fantastic lift for developing lower body strength for powerful drives, speedy starts, and great endurance. These articles discuss the different variations of squatting, technique of the squat, teaching the squat, and troubleshooting.

Pulling Power

  • A strong back is vital to powerful rowing. With deadlift variations and other pulling exercises, we develop great power for strong drives, stable torsos, and healthy rowers.

Pressing Power

  • Not just for “up-and-over-heads,” building power in the pressing muscles is crucial for maintaining muscular balance, efficient shoulder and mid-back movement, and great connection through the stroke.

Core Power

  • No rower needs to be convinced to do more core! Check out this section for my favorite core exercises, tips for programming, and more.
How does this all come together to build a better rower?
Read The Rowing Stronger Mission.