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Rowing Peak Power Training

Rowing peak power is the main training goal of the pre-season or pre-competitive block of training. This phase of training occurs between the off-season and race prep or the in-season phase of multiple races. We take the base of general strength, muscle mass, and aerobic fitness that the rower developed in the prior off-season training phases and turn it into boat-moving, flywheel-spinning peak power for fast starts, power moves, and sprints.

This article is Part 3 in my annual programming series. Read “The Basics of Strength Training for Rowing” for the general overview of the annual strength training plan, and then individual block-by-block articles for Part 1 Off-Season/General Prep, Part 2 Specific Prep, and Part 4 In-Season/Race Prep.

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rowing peak power training cover picture words

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Basics of Strength Training for Rowing

Welcome to RowingStronger! In this article, we’re going to cover the basics of strength training for rowing from a programming standpoint. You’ll learn what periodization is and why it is essential to long-term improvement in rowing, how to organize a strength training program to line up with your rowing training, and of course, what sets and reps to use in the gym to achieve the goal of each training block. This article is “The BASICS of Strength Training for Rowing.” Read the linked articles in each section below for more details on each phase of programming from early off-season to final peak championship performance.

Note: This article is designed with the spring 2km-focused competitive rower in mind. If you aren’t a spring 2km rower, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered here for different training schedules: Strength Training for Masters Rowers: Periodization.

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