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Rowing Peak Power Training

Rowing peak power is the main training goal of the pre-season or pre-competitive block of training. This phase of training occurs between the off-season and race prep or the in-season phase of multiple races. We take the base of general strength, muscle mass, and aerobic fitness that the rower developed in the prior off-season training phases and turn it into boat-moving, flywheel-spinning peak power for fast starts, power moves, and sprints.

This article is Part 3 in my annual programming series. Read “The Basics of Strength Training for Rowing” for the general overview of the annual strength training plan, and then individual block-by-block articles for Part 1 Off-Season/General Prep, Part 2 Specific Prep, and Part 4 In-Season/Race Prep.

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rowing peak power training cover picture words

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strength training for rowing

Basics of Strength Training for Rowing

Strength training is important for rowers to increase total force production, rate of force development, gain or maintain muscle mass, and train the muscles and movements that are neglected by the rowing stroke. Good strength training for rowing improves general athletic coordination, rowing performance, and resistance to injury. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of what strength training exercises rowers should do and how to construct a basic strength training program to support rowing training and performance goals.

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