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“Rowing Stronger” is available in ebook and print.

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NOTE: The ebook and print book both come with the 2024 “Five-Year Update” included at no additional price. Please go here if you want to buy just the update alone ($5).

The 2019 Second Edition

If you bought the first edition in 2015, there’s a lot new for you in the second edition!

The second edition is over three times longer, with revisions and brand new content including sample programs, training templates, and more.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Terms and Definitions
  • The Block Periodization System for Rowing
  • Writing a Program Step-by-Step
  • Preparing to Train: The Warm-Up
  • The Exercises: What, Why, and How
  • Strength Training for Longer Races
  • Strength Training for Lightweights
  • Strength Training for Coxswains
  • Strength Training for Masters
  • Strength Training for Juniors
  • Over-Training or Under-Recovering?
  • Movement Assessments for Rowing: Guest Chapter by Blake Gourley
  • Kettlebell Training for Rowing: Guest Chapter by Joe DeLeo
  • Mobility for Rowers
  • Mental Skills for Rowing
  • Sample Programs
  • Appendix

The Step-By-Step Comprehensive Guide to Strength Training for Rowing Performance

Learn how to:

  • Improve strength, power, and endurance for rowing

  • Reduce risk of injury by targeting specific muscles and movements

  • Tailor individual exercise selection for your training

  • Nail the end-of-season taper for peak performance

“Rowing Stronger” is an essential primer for coaches and athletes alike for addressing all of the peripheral, yet requisite elements for rowing performance and longevity. This is a must-read for coaches of every level, and I will be reviewing it every year for ways to improve my program!

Caitlin McClain, Seattle Pacific University Head Coach, USRowing U19 National Team Coach

Will Ruth makes a valuable contribution to the sport of rowing with his comprehensive guide to strength and conditioning. This is a far cry from the usual one-size-fits-all training formula. Ruth details how individual athletes can use block periodization to create a program tailored to their individual needs based on age, weight, and competitive goals. He provides abundant information on specific exercises and how they fit into an overall strength training program. Any athlete or coach interested in minimizing injury and optimizing race performance would do well to read this book.

Sarah Risser, Masters Rower

“Rowing Stronger” is my go-to book for masters strength training. Fast boats are a priority for my athletes so having this detailed approach with targeted exercises is a must. A solid strength foundation keeps Roylerowers powerful, healthy, and on top of the podium in world class events. Follow Will’s program and its guaranteed to boost your boat speed stroke by stroke. Highly recommended.

Marlene Royle,

About Will Ruth

I’m a former rower turned strength coach. I started coaching at Western Washington University in 2013 as the men’s team strength coach. I coached there for six years, coaching on-water as well as in the gym. I have a BS in Kinesiology from Western, an MA in Sport Coaching from the University of Denver, and an NSCA-CSCS certification. I moved to Vermont in 2019 and began coaching at the Craftsbury Sculling Center camps. In 2022, I became the strength coach for the Craftsbury Green Racing Project program (GRP). More here.

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