The Second Edition of my book, “Rowing Stronger: Strength Training to Maximize Rowing Performance,” came out five years ago this month. I’ve coached, written, and learned a lot since then, perhaps even more than in the four years after the First Edition. I don’t have time in the foreseeable future to write a Third Edition, so I have written a supplemental PDF for now.

This “Five-Year Update” details the major things that I’m doing differently as of winter 2024 that I would include in a Third Edition. I have also added several strength training templates and sample programs. You can buy it using the Paypal button below for $5. The update is just under 40 pages, about half text and half training program templates with explanations of when and how I use each one. If you want to save the $5, you can read the articles that I’ve linked below and put the concepts into action yourself. The supplemental PDF is included if you buy a book in print or ebook from today onward, with no price increase. If you bought a book recently and feel screwed by this, please just email me with some sort of proof of purchase and I’ll send you the update for free.

Can you read the update without having read the Second Edition? Sure. For $5, you’ll get a condensed version of the info in my articles linked below, and all the training templates and programs that you can put right to use. If you want to understand the bigger picture of annual strength training for rowing and more, you can always come back for the Second Edition later.

The basics are still important, and I still think the information in the Second Edition is essentially good. Here are some of my key points that I cover in detail in the full book:

  • Rowers need a periodization system to use different times of the year to focus on developing some specific qualities while maintaining others.
  • We use strength training to develop primary qualities of strength, muscle mass, power, and general coordination. We leave endurance and other more aerobic qualities to rowing, erging, and cross-training.
  • We frame rowing strength training sessions around squat, hinge, horizontal and vertical push, horizontal and vertical pull. Work these mostly in lower rep ranges between 3-10 reps per set, sometimes just 1-2 reps on bigger exercises like squat and deadlift and sometimes up to 15 reps on smaller exercises like pushes, pulls, and single-leg squats. Do specific shoulder, hip, and core exercises as well, usually between 10-20 reps.
  • Progress strength training with mastery of exercises, adding weight to the bar, and adding muscle to the athlete. Have simple, consistent, replicable means of achieving these goals.

You’ll get all of this and more in the Second Edition. I haven’t replicated or revised anything from the Second Edition in the supplemental PDF update. There is nothing in the Second Edition that I don’t do anymore, that I think rowers should not be doing, or that I would like to “undo.” The updates you’ll read in the supplemental PDF are additions only.

I’ve continued to update my work as I’ve learned and found new things. You’ll find longer articles here on my website, shorter posts on Substack, instructional videos and recorded webinars available on Youtube, and you can see me live at Craftsbury workshops and some events throughout the year. Substack is the “one-stop-shop,” where I send out notification of all new content, updates, and upcoming events, so follow me there to stay up-to-date.

Table of Contents:

  • Coaching Lowering and Lifting Tempo (see #2 in this article)
  • Plyometric Exercises (article here)
  • Velocity Based Training (ongoing Substack series)
  • Hamstring Knee Flexion Exercises (article here)
  • Lateral and Rotational Hip Exercises (updated demo video playlist)
  • Core Exercises with Synchronized Breathing (article here)
  • Updated Training Templates and Programs
    • Basic training template and guidance
    • 12-week 2x/wk full-body off-season program
    • 12-week 3x/wk upper-lower-full off-season program
    • Pre-season alternating strength-and-power template
    • In-season 1-and-1 alternating session template
    • Velocity-based training templates

I’m pleased to announce that the “Rowing Stronger” ebook (including this update) is now available via the One World Rowing association, free to their beneficiary group American Club Rowing Association (ACRA) and high-performance group (HPG) rowers and rowing programs. Read about OWR here. If you’re a part of these groups, please provide your name and program to me via email or via Chris Jackson for your book.


  1. Trying to buy the update but the buy now/PayPal button does not work (I get a message saying the page was not found). I received the Second edition as a Christmas gift this year.
    Thanks, Susan

    1. Hi Susan — I’m not sure what’s up. Other orders have come through today and the button just worked for me. Let me know if it doesn’t resolve on another try and I can figure out another way to arrange with you.

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